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ok well we need more talkin on here !! :twisted: well all i did this week was play soccer like a crazy person and not find screws blahh i hate it i need hardware! so go on start talkin don't matter what  

02 Sep 2004 08:04
da sk8er gurl
omg i so aggree come on u guys talk  

04 Sep 2004 03:47
yeah i mean have you died and left us girls here to chit chat lol come on and skateboarder man you gota stay postin don't you want a 1000 ?  

04 Sep 2004 04:11
yea im on here awsome yea so  

04 Sep 2004 17:23
work... college... and skateing... = no time on here

sorry about that

i try to get on here as much as possible  

04 Sep 2004 21:13
da sk8er gurl
us 2 r starting to get board if any one comes one say something  

05 Sep 2004 09:44
yessssss please talk lol !!!!!!!! :x :lol:  

05 Sep 2004 17:05

u 2 make me larffff

do any of you watch viva la bam  

05 Sep 2004 21:48
yo! wot trix can u do?  

05 Sep 2004 22:10
i can do all the basics

my better tricks r

fakie 360 pop shuv-it

rock to jump 180 to roll in

nollie heelflip

and so on...................  

05 Sep 2004 22:12
yea... i watched it for like two min :lol:  

06 Sep 2004 01:48
yea... i watched it for like two min :lol:  

06 Sep 2004 01:49
da sk8er gurl
i have never seen it

wat is it? :?:  

06 Sep 2004 05:36

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