what kinda sk8s u got?

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i have a pair of trs alpha sk8s what kind do u have and wut u got on them{wheels,plates,ect.} anyway they are the most comfterable sk8s ive ever had!  

02 Sep 2004 21:38
Hey i got the new 2004 remedyz and they are awesome!!! they are soo comfortable i put anti-rockers on em and i switch to a salmon frame sense they're little smoother grinding but i wouldnt suggest getting them because well they're just not the greatest. So im going to switch my frames to eaither the new Dusin Halleren frames by 50/50 OR the new Kizer suspension frames. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? ive heard both are good tell me what u think.  

17 Sep 2004 02:14
Ive been skating for a while with fitness skates(i hatem so damn much!) But for my birthday I got a pair of TRS Downtown2. Ive been doin tricks for a week now. 8)  

27 Mar 2006 18:32

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