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I'm looking for a light, street/park bmx bike, and have been looking at aluminum and chromoly bikes. I want something light, but sturdy enough for a little dirt jumping. Should I go with aluminum frame or a chromoly frame? Also, any bikes that you would suggest would be helpfull, thanks.

jx06x :wink:

P.S (price range: under 400)  

11 Sep 2004 03:35
chro moly all the way. definately go with chro molyit the strongest and light  

11 Sep 2004 19:07
any specific models that you would suggest?  

11 Sep 2004 23:35
specialized bikes, :)  

12 Sep 2004 10:35
or free agent the have 100 % chro moly on just about all bikes canty go rong with a FA  

13 Sep 2004 07:12
One more thing.... is alloy a good material?  

15 Sep 2004 03:59
yea its good 90% of bike companies use it  

16 Sep 2004 04:15
Definetly chromo I've had a couple of chromoly frames and they're not to heavy but they are durable and tough as hek :!:  

03 Oct 2004 08:16

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