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i bought a neon green yeah right deck and it sucks....I had alot of wood decks and this is the suckiest deck ever made....So what all decks are canadian maple?cuz this is american wood and its soggy and has no goin with another lib but i was wonderin what kinds are canandian maple cuz they rule...and i was warning you not to buy girl decks they SUCK....peace out  

13 Sep 2004 07:33
i had a chocolate guitar deck and it was pretty good. just chopped realfast  

13 Sep 2004 16:30
i brought a steve cabellero dragon series full set up from the vans sk8park in florida only cost me a 100 bucks

i got independent trucks

bones red's bearing a-beck 7's

and all the other stuff was cool......... i forgot what brands they were though  

13 Sep 2004 19:22
just get another lib but get it from it's the best price for em :wink:  

13 Sep 2004 20:54
sorry drummerchick

i forgot to say well done on getting to the 100 post mark :)  

13 Sep 2004 20:55
lol i didn't know i did that :oops: well thats cool  

13 Sep 2004 20:58
you are a enthusiast i am a freak  

13 Sep 2004 21:05
yes they should switch that since i have freaky hair.... :lol:  

13 Sep 2004 21:10
how annoying is this

i took loads of new photos and put them onyo my lookitsme account [url][/url]

then the webmaster said all the pics were useless

i had loads of skateboarding and other cool stuff i'll try again  

13 Sep 2004 21:12

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