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hello, i need some honest options.

last summer i took a few surfing lessons and they put me on a long board and what knot, well i wanted to save up some money and buy a board. i know that i wanta get a short board.. but i was thinking about a fish because up in Rhode island the surf tends to be small to medium ... is this choice a bad one? i am pretty sure that i can handle it.. what do u think?  

27 Jan 2003 23:15
if you are gonna learn on a shortboard, a fish may be a good choice because they are floaty and easier to paddle. Maybe get one a little longer/thicker.  

27 Jan 2003 23:15
" because up in Rhode island the surf tends to be small to medium"


Ahhhh, I have surfed overhead "RUGGLES" . R.I. gets plenty of HUGE swells. I lived there two years. It gets bigger than small to Med. believe me.

get a longboard.Or funboard they are Good learner boards.
A Fish will take a little more work. And won't float you with the 6 mill drysuit you will need to surf there in the winter.


27 Jan 2003 23:16
The surf in RI in the SUMMER is small-medium, though we get big days. It gets larger in the winter and during storms at any time during the year. Any low pressure. Any waves here are almost always longboardable. Even the little ones. And I found a longboard much easier to learn on up here. I would definitely go with one. If you did want a shortboard instead, I suppose a fish would be a good choice. Where in RI have you surfed? Just curious...since I live here. :wink:  

27 Jan 2003 23:17
I love fish boards, but they're not necessarily something I'd consider a beginner board 'cuz the design of it is meant to make it loose, which can make it difficult for someone to learn on.

But if you're gonna get one I don't think you'll be disappointed. I had a 6'2" x 19" x 2 1/4" Doug Banks that I could ride in anything from 2-8 foot. I loved that board, nearly killed me to hafta retire it. You may wanna consider a little more length, width, & thickness all around just to make your learning experience easier. Good luck, sister!  

27 Jan 2003 23:18
get whatever board you want. that guy is wrong saying that a smaller board wont float you, im from long island and surf a 6'4 all winter. i weigh 170 lbs. most of the time people tell you to learn on a longboard, it is a good idea because you learn to predict the wave better, and once your comfortable on a wave the possiblilties are endless. i learned to surf on a shortboard though, so it is possible, but you will learn faster on a longboard and will be able to rip more quickly on a shortboard due to your longboarding days.  

27 Jan 2003 23:19
u should get any board u want... but i surf in NJ and i have a fish and we have abotu the same size waves... youll have fun as hell with the board and when ur paddling ull glide right into the waves  

30 Dec 2003 20:03

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