arghhhh my body

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every bone.. muscle.. ligament.. u name it... is aching i need a massage lol  

20 Sep 2004 12:41
dude that sucks wut haveu been doing?  

20 Sep 2004 15:26
working...... playing football (soccer).... skateing..........on the sleep.....etc  

20 Sep 2004 18:20
da sk8er gurl
omg u need to rest man  

21 Sep 2004 04:22
yeah u get those days :!:  

23 Sep 2004 14:03
EEK! What you need is a very beautiful girl to massage every inch of you and then play with your hair while you take a hot bath, and then snuggle up and take a nap.

But you'll probably have to settle for napping ang watching tv on the couch...

My "friend" Chris was playing football (not soccer) today and got his thumb bent back and broke his hand. It was bad. But I did get to see him all sweaty with his shirt off... so fine... (::moan of pleasure::)  

24 Sep 2004 05:45
the most imbarassing thing happened to me today

i fell on my arse bone :x :x

playing the gayest game in the world [u]NETBALL[/u]

so now when i sit down it hurts and when i get up it hurts  

24 Sep 2004 23:39
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28 Sep 2004 19:45

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