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Don't you hate it when your skating at a park and skateboarder comes up to you and trys to tell you off. It's like they own the park :evil:
Anyways...I've been skating for 11 years now and that's how it's always been. I decided to go to street instead of vert just because of the attitudes of skateboarders(no offence to all you nice people out there)  

27 Sep 2004 21:55
i think bmxer's are the worst  

28 Sep 2004 10:29
yea they can be pretty bad and cause bikes r bigger they think they can just ride around the park and not watch ut for skaters. the only time i get annoyed with laders is when there little kids and they just dont stop snaking you and ride the mini ramp for like an hour wihout letting ne 1 else go  

28 Sep 2004 18:03
yeah that is true

but what the hell can we do

just wait are turn

the problem with that is by the time you get to go... you have to rush it......and you end up bailing :cry: :cry:  

28 Sep 2004 18:08
Yeah im a skateboarder, and i STRONGLY agree with you Most skateboarders are just complete asses to inliners. i like inliners because i do both skate and inline. i feel bad for you man i hope you get some respect soon.  

30 Sep 2004 02:35
What sport are you better at inline or boarding?  

03 Nov 2004 06:03
Yer I No Wat Ya Mean Skaters Jus Seem To Stress One Of The Guys I No Trys To Delibratly Skate Infront Of Me As A Finsihed A Grind And I Fuckin Hit The Deck Face First And He Jus Laughed At Me But Yer Some Are Alright  

03 Aug 2005 13:06

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