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What could i put on the (TOP) of my board to like keep snow from sticking on it and drit from staying off of it! please help me :?  

29 Jan 2003 03:16
Seriously, i have no clue..but why do u need snow to stay off?Is ur board really that sticky :shock: haha wel just wondering!  

05 Feb 2003 17:14
[size=7][/size][color=cyan][/color]Hey!I'm not too sure what you could do but I was thinking that maybe if you put some Lysol on the top of it it might work(because it would slide off :? )I hope it works! :D (i find it annoying when it gets stuck on my board too :wink: )  

05 Feb 2003 17:33
You could also maybe use pam?? It works for cooking :?  

04 Mar 2003 17:52
maybe car wax??  

05 Jan 2004 22:07
two words

SURFBOARD WAX!!!!!!!!!!! that stuff kicks for keepin snow/dirt off

boarder-x :twisted:  

25 Jan 2004 17:37
I really don't understand what the problem with having snow on your board is. It's an outdoor winter sports equipment, you know like made for the snow.  

27 Jan 2004 01:12
Clearly Snwoboard Wax is the best.....cause no snow sticks to the bottom or ur borad....and ne wayse who rides in seriouely...and snow doesnt stick on mine so i cant really tell u what to do other then whipe it off...and dont ride soo slow that it stays on!! - Later  

28 Jan 2004 17:37
I dont know what to use just make sure if you have stickers it isnt sumthing that will make the stickers come off!  

18 Jan 2006 04:45
wd-40 works great to keep it off, just spary it on they wipe it dry  

06 Mar 2006 06:00

16 Jul 2006 18:10
car wax is ur best bet i usually use turtle wax on mine  

02 Aug 2006 19:16
ok dude dont reply to old threads like this or you could become one of the most hated people on the forums  

02 Aug 2006 19:25

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