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Who is that dick who keeps putting up that really stupid GNNA thing or whatever. He must have a lot of time on his hands. He calls us losers, he must have some really great hobbies, such as bashing people who are passionate about something. I hope he's reading this because he's an F'n Douche BAg.  

01 Oct 2004 16:45
i totally agree

the bad thing is we have no moderaters so the bastards keep doing it  

01 Oct 2004 16:49
How come there are no moderators? That seems weird in a forum. You'd figure there would definately be one. That kid needs to be banned from this site. He's a dickhead. Oh hey skateboarder, I live in Cambridge, Massachusettes in the states but I recently met this kid from portsmouth and hung out with him and drank some beers he was a cool guy.  

01 Oct 2004 16:55
cool was he from the portsmouth in england or america  

01 Oct 2004 16:57
Portsmouth England. I've been to england a shitload of times. my mums from england so we used to go there alot. we don't go much anymore though. I like it over there alot.  

01 Oct 2004 17:24
its ok gets really boring though  

02 Oct 2004 21:16
who you calling an a-hold you moron faggot  

04 Oct 2004 15:56
You're a loser. i doubt you have any friends punk ur just a washed up little hater white boy.  

12 Oct 2004 02:42
stop posting that crap on the forum  

31 Jul 2005 21:21

read what bruskys wait...spaztix said, that happened a long time ago, those people are gone, long gone  

01 Aug 2005 19:52

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