Everyone back at school??

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Is there less posting now because everyone is back in school or what? Like a month or two ago there was definately more action on here than there is now. Bummer. now i have nothing to do at work!!!  

01 Oct 2004 18:26
yea i think thats whytheres less posting.  

01 Oct 2004 19:09
Thats a bummer. I get bored now at work.  

01 Oct 2004 19:44
well i could still post to you pretty much every day. :)  

01 Oct 2004 21:44
Hmmm... I did post a lot during the summer. I've got a lot to do at school, and my friends are all there and everything so I dont get nearly as bored... I still stop by here everynow and then though...  

16 Oct 2004 21:53
i thought you stop posting but i noticed you came back :wink: :D

as you can tell by my post count i'm on here all the time

(damn weather)  

17 Oct 2004 19:53
ill still post i sit here at school posting things in my ict lessons. :twisted:  

18 Oct 2004 13:15
yeah me too i mix between posting here and doing my boring coursework  

18 Oct 2004 15:02
yeah its boring im doing ict coursework and chattin at the same time :P
Where do u skate mostly.  

19 Oct 2004 15:17
in my college mostly as thats where i am its good coz on tuesadys straight after my hour break i have a lesson of so i go sk8ing

and i get fridays off coz im level 2  

19 Oct 2004 16:24
my skool is out cause of the hurricane commin to the texas coast  

21 Sep 2005 18:01
which one? that rita thing?  

22 Sep 2005 22:34

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