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Have any of you heard all the hype about making skateboarding an olympic sport? What do [color=red]YOU[/color] think :?: I think, if snowboarding is and olympic, sport why not skateboarding? Also, we should send Bucky Lasek(vert), and Rodney Mullen(street).  

02 Oct 2004 02:45
Yeah it should be an olympic sport because things like snowboarding, diving, and sicronised swimming so y not skateboarding :!:  

18 Oct 2004 12:59
it will be in the olympics by the next few olympics  

18 Oct 2004 14:59
Ya i wouldn't be surprised if it started out with just vert, and then street came on eventually. I'm not sure if people would accept it for some reason.  

18 Oct 2004 15:52
they have snowboarding in the winter olympics


then again there are only a few countries with good enough sk8ers  

18 Oct 2004 16:12
Yeah that's a good point. The only GOOD pro that, (not from America, canada, or england), i've seen/heard about is Rune Glifburg from Denmark.

did i spell "Glifburg" wrong?  

22 Oct 2004 03:20
nope you got it right first time

pierre luc gagnon is a good sk8er

i think he is canadian french or something  

22 Oct 2004 13:59

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