How high can every 1 bunny hop

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:roll: I'm curious how high u can bunnyhop and also the highest (if u know) that any one has ever bunny hopped before :roll:  

03 Oct 2004 08:13
i can't hop too high but, it doesnt mean a person sucks if they cant hop too high, just means they gotta work harder.  

03 Oct 2004 08:33
hahahahahahaha :evil: u could join that :evil: but serious i don't ride dirt I'm street and park :x  

06 Oct 2004 03:20
i can bunny hop about a foot or so, but my riding buddie tony can hopp like 2 or 3 feet its amazing!!!  

09 Aug 2005 20:03
The highest ive ever got is about 2 to 2 1/2 feet. I know some ppl that could get 3-4 foot high..but they all quit riding..  

10 Aug 2005 11:39
i can do maybe like 2 feet or so flt ground  

10 Aug 2005 17:05
when i first started riding me and my friends would bunny hop over trashcans on there sides, but that was 4 years ago. i have never noticed how high i bunny hop but pretty high none the less. my bike snaps straight up so you just tuck the ass end and you can get some pretty fuckin high airs. when i go riding today im actually gonna check out how high i can bunny hop lol.  

10 Aug 2005 18:25
i just measure it next to my wheel cause ur wheels like 20 inch so yea  

10 Aug 2005 23:18
well i remember last week i feeble stalled a big dresser. about waste high.
so i can bunnyhop around like 3 feet.  

12 Aug 2005 03:24
about the same as my ollie, a foot or so  

13 Aug 2005 08:36
I havent been riding for very long but as to your ? i can bunny hop flatland about one foot to about a foot and a half it aint great but it is a start  

13 Aug 2005 09:12
Skratch Kid
i started bunny hopping on a big ass mtn bike, which is ridiculously hard, and once i switched over to a bmx, it was ridiculously easy. I never have gotten out the tape measurer, but i'd say i'm around 2 1/2 feet.  

24 Aug 2005 11:49
I'd say about 2 1/2 feet to 3 feet for me..  

24 Aug 2005 23:15
I learned how to bunny hop like 2 days ago and i want ot go higher i can get like a foot but my friend told me that i needed to get 2 to three feet and im not sure how to get the extra hight.could anyone give tips  

25 Aug 2005 02:39
Skratch Kid
just keep practicing, get really comfortable with it, and start doing it off ledges when u get really comfortable at it on flatland. also start practing hoppin stuff, like trash cans on their sides, or cones, or watever u think u can do.  

25 Aug 2005 09:41
mtn dew boxes work good if u dont clear they just crush and dont hurt your bike :)  

26 Aug 2005 17:13
when i was riding earlier today i remembered to ask my friend how high i could bunny hop, he said i was bunnyhopping anywhere from 2-3 feet depending on my speed, higher when i was moving slower, lower when i was moving faster.  

28 Aug 2005 05:17
i decided to hop on to my 3 1/2 foot trampoline and then do a very quick 180 off so quite high  

19 Sep 2005 15:22
im not sure how high a picnic table is but thats as high as i can hop.  

07 Oct 2005 05:29
i can hop 1 and a half ft but i think the world record is 5 ft  

09 Oct 2005 23:51
thats impossible  

13 Oct 2005 03:05
about 1and a half foot  

14 Oct 2005 00:08
i can get anywhere from 6" to 2'. it all depends where i am riding and what i am riding.  

24 Oct 2005 02:23
[QUOTE=bobe]thats impossible[/QUOTE]
nah, the world record is 5'3". and i even saw some dude at the 2003 presidents cup bunnyhop about 4'6" and tailwhip.  

24 Oct 2005 02:24
I pretty sur ei can bunny around a bit mor then a foot i can get onto ledges as high as my gyro only been biking for one year i guess that is good  

25 Oct 2005 05:16
i can bunny hop about 20" i have never rode before in my life until last june when i got my bike though  

25 Oct 2005 06:14
about two three feet but have been learning other tricks lately  

25 Oct 2005 21:36
i can prolly bunny hop around the same height as my stem  

31 Oct 2005 23:06
ya right i know you could prolly bunnyhop higher then me but not that high  

01 Nov 2005 01:43
i could probly bunnyhop like 2feet  

01 Nov 2005 02:15
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]i even saw some dude at the 2003 presidents cup bunnyhop about 4'6" and tailwhip.[/QUOTE]

ya, ive seen people do ollie tailwhips on flat ground before.  

01 Nov 2005 19:57
ollie tailwhips? wtf! dude, it's the bmx section.  

01 Nov 2005 20:17
i get confused sometimes, lol. one time i called a crankflip, a kickflip  

02 Nov 2005 19:47
crankflips were originaly named kickflips so that doesnt matter.  

02 Nov 2005 20:38
my friend and i can bunny hop a foot to a foot and a 1/2 and my other friend can bunny hop about 1/2 foot  

20 Nov 2005 06:00
not exactly sure i hopped over these soda bottle crates stacked up to be alittle over 2 feet and it was about a 1 1/2 feet wide which makes it harder cause you have to get the height and small distance  

20 Nov 2005 06:27
i have no idea either but on my saracen x-tort i got 8" out of a quarter pipe over a bin and 2 skateboards  

02 Jan 2006 19:09
[QUOTE=Shystie]i have no idea either but on my saracen x-tort i got 8" out of a quarter pipe over a bin and 2 skateboards[/QUOTE]

tahts not a bunny hop. duh! it's called airing out.  

02 Jan 2006 23:25
dude shut up you have no idea what you are talking about. for one this is your bike [url][/url]
now you ride ramps with that? and how are you airing out over 2 skateboards and a bin? you mean you get as high as they are stacked up? cause u cant launch over them on a quater pipe  

03 Jan 2006 00:01
holy shit! thats a mountain bike. ok, i got some tips for that kid.

1) get the fuck out of this forum. this is bmx, not mountainbike.
2)it is impossible to air out or even ride a quarter pipe with a mountain bike because of teh shocks.
3) [SIZE=7]NOOB[/SIZE]  

03 Jan 2006 01:18
that bike is for racing not tricks, what a noob  

03 Jan 2006 01:31
he probly means he went out of a bowl over the bin and w/e  

03 Jan 2006 02:13
cape boy
im not getting to high with my hops, i need some tips if you got them, im getting around 10 inches  

04 Jan 2006 04:35
mine are so much better now a good 2 1/2, 3 feet i think

as for tips practice practice practice  

04 Jan 2006 05:20
i'm up to about 3.5'-4' now. i never thought i could even get passed 2' 3 years ago. lol  

04 Jan 2006 05:29
lol yea i was stuck at a certain height until i learned how to suck my bike up more and jump off my back tire more  

04 Jan 2006 06:01
no thats the new frame you cock this is da old one and it's a trials bike not a mountain bike


05 Jan 2006 17:38
yeah, for racing...not tricks  

05 Jan 2006 17:52
oh yea. who the fuck puts an hrc sticker on a bike? seriously now, u gunna put a little engine on it and call it a cbr? lol.

dont take me seriously, i'm bored as fuck.


05 Jan 2006 20:00
[img][img] there you go  

06 Jan 2006 15:34
im about a ft and 1/2  

25 Mar 2006 19:22
i can bunny hop about 10000 of the ground

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]if u count bunny hopping off a cliff[/COLOR]  

28 Mar 2006 08:38
o k wat da fuck just went throug his head (besides air)  

29 Mar 2006 04:38
that was ffff-ffuny the new word is cucumber bmx people said that now  

29 Mar 2006 10:12
wtf are you doing  

29 Mar 2006 21:20

theres a line between trying to be funny and being annoyingly funny. you....ive got a lot of built up anger over the years, want your c drive gone?  

29 Mar 2006 23:25

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