Tired of this guy, anyone else??

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I wish this forum was back the way it used to be. It was fun to come on here but now some asshole hinders the rest of us from enjoying it. If you guys moved to a different forum let me know cuz i enjoyed talking with you guys. Its unfortunate that one person needs to ruin something good for the rest of us.  

05 Oct 2004 17:18
there all from [url]www.insanetrain.com[/url]  

05 Oct 2004 18:42
I'd go there and do the same thing but its just lame and I don't want to waste my time on those assholes.  

05 Oct 2004 19:00

so do u sk8 kawch  

05 Oct 2004 19:03
Hell ya I skate. I'm moving to San Diego California soon. I'm pretty excited. I'm not THAT great at skating. I'm ok. But I'm really excited about the move. Should give me more of an opportunity to get better than here in Massachusetts. How is your skating going?  

05 Oct 2004 19:43
yeah its all going good im learning tricks every day  

06 Oct 2004 15:25
thats cool. what tricks are you picking up lately. I'm still working on the essential basics. I have no idea how to even 360 flip. I would love to be able to do that. Even just a varial flip would be great. I used to be able to do kickflips pretty consistently but I took a long break so i'm a little less consistent now. Kinda pisses me off. Now winter is coming so skating is gonna be non-existant, Until I move to cali.  

06 Oct 2004 17:21
why do you want to go to cali ?  

06 Oct 2004 18:47
I want to go because the weather is nice year round. There's no snow and 25 degree temperatures. I can be outside year round. I can skate all year. And it will be a nice change of pace.  

06 Oct 2004 19:57
thats cool you should come to austin tho it's better and fun lol not that cali isn't lol  

06 Oct 2004 20:19
haha, Austins not on the ocean is it? I need to be on a coast near the ocean or i would kill myself. I grew up on the beach I don't think I could ever live without it. No offense to Austin, I'm sure its a cool place. Do alot of people skate there?  

06 Oct 2004 20:23
hehehe good point i was born on the big island and whoa yeah beach is way better :lol: yeah lota people skate we have like 7 to 10 parks here and we have a cool downtown thats fun to skate around in  

06 Oct 2004 20:29
Tahts cool that you guys have a bunch of parks to skate. Here In MA I we have a few but they aren't that great. Boston is pretty sick for skating but cops pick you up pretty quick.  

06 Oct 2004 23:03
thats sucks yeah the cops don't really care here i guess since ther is cross dressers and weirdos runnin arounf town they would think that a board is ok :lol:  

07 Oct 2004 00:53
Thats funny. Its wierd here though. I don't actually live in Boston, I live in Cambridge which is basically boston but just borders it to the west and they wrote in the paper how there was a city wide ban on skateboarding but I skate all the time and they don't do shit. its wierd.  

07 Oct 2004 03:09
I live in Southern Cali and the weathers wesome!  

10 Oct 2004 10:44

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