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so what do you guys prefer for breakfast?
full-blown? fruits? cornflakes kinda stuff?

me drinks fresh [color=orange][b]orange[/b][/color] juice only... mmm yummy! :wink:  

29 Jan 2003 15:49
Well for those few days that I actually grab a bite before heading off to school.. I like to have about five bowls of what ever cereal is in the kitchen. Other wise I just have a glass of juice, who am I kidding I drink it straight from the bottle! :D  

04 Mar 2003 16:17
LOL :wink:
welcome to the boards bro!  

04 Mar 2003 19:54
Thx..?? :mrgreen: cept I'm una chica  

10 Mar 2003 16:02
uh oh... my bad...
sorry about that :wink:  

08 Jul 2003 19:58
I just wanna get crazy hyper when I skate so I eat some....Chocolate!Yeah!!![color=blue]I love to Skate![/color]  

04 Feb 2004 22:52
I eat two bowls a day and maybe a banana. I eat all the time and im not fat YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!  

11 Feb 2004 03:03
[quote=cimaruta_ivy]Thx..?? :mrgreen: cept I'm una chica[/quote]

errr whats an una chica???

breakfast? whats that lol nah i dont have breakfast - takes to much of my time.....

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 16:54
una chica = a girl
well, I guess... heh  

22 Feb 2004 21:21
haha yea  

16 Jul 2004 06:00
You know what I've been doing lately, that actually is kinda cool to me. I've been eating breakfest hella late. I went to Denny's at like 1:00 AM and had breakfest and the other night I went to this place and had breakfest @ about 11:30 PM I get my breakfest free too :D  

16 Jul 2004 09:55
thats cool i go after my bands shows at like 12 ish and get a burger  

16 Jul 2004 17:08
Well i love those hot pocket things, the PEPERONI AND THE APPLE FRUIT FILLING ARE THE BEST THINGS TO HAVE FOR BEAKFEAST. :mrgreen:  

02 Oct 2004 03:27
i eat in the car, so i just grab a cereal bar on the way to school. but if i get up early, i make waffles  

10 Oct 2004 21:42

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