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hey guys whats up and happenin ok anyways i need a little help with a ollie i know oldest esiet trick in the book but i use to skateboarder well i wasnt bad but not good ok anyways that was about a year ago and sense then i have lost it all i meen seriuosly all of it but anyways i am getting the ollie back but theres 1 prob when i go to do it 95% of the times it kind of shoots to the left of me and i cant even land it sometimes i do and sometimes i dont but 95% like i sayed of the time it it liked i am making it go that way i dont know if it is the board or what but it really sucks. well if you got any kind of help you can offer then please hit me with it. :P c ya and thanks :D  

08 Oct 2004 05:27
Well, I highly doubt its the board. Secondly, your spelling is pretty shady, It was hard to understand your post. As far as your problem goes, Concentrate on just keeping everything square. You are probably opening up your body when you are popping. Unless you are doing a 180 or something just keep everything square and straight. Make sure your front foot is dragging the board straight forward not to the side. Its just practice and repetition.  

08 Oct 2004 16:57
haha i can read it it's not like e

08 Oct 2004 18:49
No but I mean c'mon easiest is not spelled esiet. Plus he didn't use periods or anything. I'm pretty sure those are some basic rules of grammar. Anywho. It doesn't really matter, all the information he was trying to convey got across and in the end we can understand it, so I guess it doesn't matter.  

08 Oct 2004 19:37
haha i was just messin around and wanted a place to put my jumble of words lol :lol:  

08 Oct 2004 19:48
It was a nice jumble of words. I actually made pretty good sense of it. God I can't wait to get out of work. I'm gonna go skating when I get home I decided. Actually I can't. Damn!  

08 Oct 2004 21:26
sorry about the spelling i am not a "school" kind of kid i get in trouble alot and well dont really pay attention in class. so if you cant understand any of the words well just tell me and i will get the message accross but thanks for the help. also drummerchick14 you wouldnt happen to know a guy by the name luke that lives in Austin would you? ok peace out anyways............. 8) :P  

10 Oct 2004 22:57

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