people wanting to steal your bike?

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whats the best option wen sum random with a knife ask u for your or i will stab u?

(a) do u say "want my bike?well you can have my bike" then pik it up and throw it at them?


(b)give them the bike and give them what they want?  

10 Oct 2004 15:40
c'mon ur on a bike, hes got a knif, u ride the fuck away  

10 Oct 2004 15:54
deapends on the age/size of the person. If its a big guy and hes in my face I would give it to him cuz he wont get far cuz I would go get a bunch of ppl to back me up and if it was a big guy not in my face I would try to get away.  

11 Oct 2004 01:36
fuck that, throw the bike at him hard, grab the knife throw it away from the both of you and try to take off, and fight if u have to  

12 Oct 2004 01:38
Good luck if its a big guy.  

12 Oct 2004 02:13
right under your ear is something called a pressure point push in as hard as u can then if they have a knife give them a pressure point in there wrist if they dont let go it will hurt like fuk'n hell!!  

31 Jul 2005 05:54
sorry to say it man but this will probably never happen, if they really want your bike theyll follow you to a convenience store or until you get off your bike and leave it unmanned. my standard trailboss was stolen right infront of the local bikeshop, but thanks to my loyal friends they found outt who stole it and now im getting most of my parts and 295 bucks restitution (but no frame:( sucks pretty bad). so make sure you keep an eye on yourb ikes or lock them up. seya.  

01 Aug 2005 14:01
whenever i get off my bike i un hook the brakes =) more then one of my freind thought it would be funny to ride off with my bike but they tried stopping and well they didnt.  

08 Aug 2005 00:21
how do u unhook ur brakes?  

08 Aug 2005 03:52
Thats too much work  

08 Aug 2005 08:36
its not much work at all you just tighten the barrel adjusters and unhook your straddle cable. thats a good idea but most people that snatch your bike know what there doiing and could easily fix them, because after all there prolly not going to keep your bike complete there going to strip it paint your frame forks and bars and sell whatever they can.  

08 Aug 2005 19:40
if the guy has a knife i carry a 40. caliber i would just shoot the damn bastard but my suggestion is dont give your bike up without a fight cmon man its your bike  

13 Aug 2005 09:19
man you dont have a 40 old are you? and if you shot him have fun losing your bike and going to jail for murder, yo.  

20 Aug 2005 01:09
Skratch Kid
if ur riding in the city, (which is all i do cuz that's were i live) than just make sure u bring a lock. its worth carrying it around.  

25 Aug 2005 10:05
Hey instead of shooting him try goin all kung fu on him. like that knealling tiger crouching dragon movie haha(i cant remember wat its called). Ya if tried that id just get knifed so i think if a guy wants your bike so bad just kick him in the balls anf ride away.  

05 Sep 2005 21:48

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