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One time about 5 friends and I were riding at the skate park and this guy was like get the fuck off the ramps and we laughed. we biked a little more untill we stoped and just chilled and talked for a few minutes now this place was infested with sk8ers and we saw the guy and a bunch of other sk8ers get together and talk too. my friend was about to drop in then the guy got in his face and was like say the shit to my face my friend was like what the hell are you talking about???? :?: they all thought we were talking shit when we were chillin. We were not talking shit at all its just not a bike friendly place. We left because there was like 25 sk8ers and jusy 5 of us. Then we just chilled kind of by the skate park on the sidewalk and then we saw the crazy poser and like 3 other of his poser friends start chaseing us we called called a one of alot of huge bikers that we know and he came up to the skate park and got in the pricks face and was like you fuckin with my bro? you fuck with my fuckin bro ill kill you. we were like hell yeah!!! the big biker (chris) got in everyone of the plyood pushin pussys faces and told them not to fuck with bikers it was so awesome he pushed every sk8er around then the plyood pussy who started the whole thing got squared in the face then we took his board and left. :D  

12 Oct 2004 02:36
lol...but whats with those skaters getting riled like that..jeez..

well as you dont skate I'll take his board, lol. :lol:  

12 Oct 2004 02:51
Thats awesome bro. I had a sumthing like that happen. I just got a bunch of friends and rented out the park for a night. that reahehehehely pissed them off 8) ohyeah make use of that board and sell it  

24 Oct 2004 03:44
y do skaters hate bikers so much i dont get it its fucking stupid  

31 Oct 2005 22:45
because woodpushers have tiny minds and think they are the best. they think that just because its called a skatepark, they own it. just because there are more woodpushers known then bmxers they think they are better. its just a long rivalry we've had with em for 20 or so years. but leaving a skatepark cause of woodpushers, not so good. so what if its alot of em versus a small amunt of bikers. in a crash, what would win, a tiny piece of wood or a 30+lb rolling steel and aluminum machine?  

31 Oct 2005 22:54
i like the term woopoushers lol
one park that me n my friends go to bikers own the park and there are hardly any skaters just all bikers  

31 Oct 2005 23:08
i wish i had a rider ownd park where i live. all there is are a few skater owned parks. i have to ride 2 hrs or so to get to some good street riding spots and my trails get plowed the day after i build em. but there are these skaters in my neighborhood. its so fucking funny. they say bmx is so easy and skating is a chalenge so thats why they skate. i saw em tryin to ride a bike once, 1 kid took a pedal and fliped over the bars after trying to bunnyhop with his bars basicaly upside down and broke his wrist.  

31 Oct 2005 23:34
did a flat land tail whip as a skater came up behind me and my back peg hit him clean in the shin bone and took him off his board he he thatll teach him to look where hes goin...............  

01 Nov 2005 00:46
I hate when skaters say they dont bike because its limited to tricks if they ever saw a bike video they would shit their pants bmx looks crazy compare dto skateboarding throwing around a peice of wood on wheels of course its harde rde a skateboard but try throwing a 30lb bike to do a 360 or tailwhip.  

01 Nov 2005 01:42
skaters and BMx'ers should really work together... seeing how eveyone else (scumbags) are against them

I used to skate.. found more annoying skaters than BMX'ers. Given it up now.. not for that reason but there is nowhere to skate except one park over an hour away.

Might be getting into BMX now.  

03 Nov 2005 15:19
im neutral about alot of stuff, like abortion, gay marriage, war in iraq, i dont really care. and i dont care about bmx guys riding at my local skatepark  

03 Nov 2005 19:01
your the first. damn, start a new trend of skaters.  

03 Nov 2005 20:05
that makes me the second^^ :D  

03 Nov 2005 20:08
you feel like me ireland guy?  

03 Nov 2005 23:38
yup :) of course  

04 Nov 2005 19:36
lol alot of the people at charm city get along, theyre used to it. because that time slots crap is bull, i hate that so i just put up with having them in the park  

05 Nov 2005 01:08

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