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What kind of board should I get for a beginner skateboarder like mahself?

all suggestioins appreciated, thanks.  

12 Oct 2004 03:33
lib tech  

12 Oct 2004 06:41
Birdhouse or Element

PEACE 8) :P  

12 Oct 2004 07:33
thanks i'll take a look at the skateshop next week, my birthday ;).  

12 Oct 2004 14:42
as a beginner a board is a board. I used my brothers old beat up board to start with. Just make sure its wide/long enough. At this point it doesn't really matter. Go cheap. I'd just get a powell mini-logo. thats what I still skate. They are fine boards and cheap. My whole set up was like 60 bucks.  

12 Oct 2004 22:30
thanks kawch. I likey cheapness... :)  

13 Oct 2004 00:26
id say the same for a begginer just get some cheap half decent stuff then after a while when u make sure you want to keep skateboarding get som better stuff cause like my freind went and go pro deck most expensize everything and quite after a week biggest waste of monye  

13 Oct 2004 15:08
I think ill get a mini logo then.  

15 Oct 2004 03:13
I would suggest gettin a world industries or a powell mini logo for a first board cause they are less expensive  

18 Nov 2004 00:51
yeah start cheap then whenever you get a little better get a kind of board that you want to fit in with. for instance , vert- birdhouse - element, street - zero - almost ext.
dont worry about what the decal is on the board, the stabability of it is what matters!  

30 Jul 2005 06:01
elements blow, i hate them i got one once, it sucked, get alien workshop or seek  

30 Jul 2005 09:39
i dont like element either but it dosn't matter if ur a begginer  

30 Jul 2005 22:40
yes it does, the better your board, the easier it is for you to learn, BUY ALIEN WORKSHOP, WITH DESTRUCTO TRUCKS AND HABITAT WHEELS, my sig and profile picture tell you the good way to make a board  

03 Aug 2005 02:03
ive herd great and horrible about element

i like flip go with flip
and get the sidecut wheels  

03 Aug 2005 17:26
yeah flips are all right, some cool prices too, tri cuts are better wheels i think  

04 Aug 2005 07:39
To be honest, I just bought a Wiseguy board from a friend who moved a few years ago. It's not too bad... although it does need a bit of work. But I agree with all the other people that say as a beginner, go cheap and a board is a board. That is very true. Buy what suits you. It also depends on what kind of tricks your planning on doing. If you're going to be a vert skater, go with bigger (wider and longer) board. If you are doing street skating, go with a smaller (narrower and shorter) board. I do like Darkstar and Element. They are good for a guy like me...  

06 Aug 2005 04:31
Well, it depends on what you want in a board. There are a lot of people that either like Element, or just wanna be Bam Margera. Either way, I say go with what feels good under your feet. I personally like Darkstar.... like I said before.  

06 Aug 2005 04:33

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