What kind of riding do you do?

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I do dirt for now. I'm thinking about getting into vert and street.  

12 Oct 2004 03:55
i ride street.  

12 Oct 2004 07:20
mostly park but sometimes dirt  

31 Oct 2005 22:43
i ride park for majority and often street almost got into dirt but lost interest and the jumps where i went were to far to get familiar with  

01 Nov 2005 01:45
i ride dirt, sadly, there are no trails around me anymore. the fucking hurricanes on building companies trashed em. but i'm tryin to build more. i also ride street and if i have nothing to do, i'll ride parks. basicaly, i'll ride anything as long as i can ride, even if its just an x-factor ramp.  

01 Nov 2005 01:53
dirt is the most fun and vert is the hardest  

01 Nov 2005 19:56

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