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we really need some new people on this forum

tell your mates  

14 Oct 2004 14:47
I hear you on that one. There are only like 5 consistent posters. It kinda sucks. You stompin any new tricks skateboarder?  

14 Oct 2004 15:38
well i have been trying to do alot of switch moves and stalls im getting better but need alot more practice

i landed a 360 flip the other day (non switch)  

14 Oct 2004 17:27
Nice work. I did a pretty big kickflip last night. well it was big for me. It was like a 2 foot kickflip over a hanging chain. I was pretty surprised I had the balls to try it.  

14 Oct 2004 22:19
i hate it when people say they think they can't do it.. it's stupid :x  

15 Oct 2004 14:10
Well, its actually ok to think you cant do something if you can't do it... thats just erring in the favor of caution. But if you really can do it and you just whining about it... then that is annoying.  

16 Oct 2004 21:43
so whats your best trick nolaquen  

24 Nov 2004 16:16

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