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You know.. I am really new at skateboarding. I feel like a dork cause People are like .. well whos your favorite skateboarder and I only know like 3.. haha. I wanted to learn for years and put it off.. finally I had a chance to really stare learning skateboarding... any tips.. or things I should know as a newbie? its all appreaciated..


16 Oct 2004 01:23
try different skateboard companies, find what feels most comfortable for YOU, dont just skate one company because others think its good. dont be afraid to fall, its going to happen eventually, being afraid is just going to make you a bad skater. watch x-games and gravity games etc. you'll get to know more skaters.  

16 Oct 2004 07:30
yeah I'll keep that in mind. I like watching the x games whenever I see it on. Its awsome.. need more girl skateboarders.. lol.

I haven't completely spilled out on a skateboard yet.. I am lucky.. though I know its gunna happen.. but I could care less.. its too fun..  

16 Oct 2004 21:13
you should be safe

coz fracturing you elbow then spraining your ankle is very painfull

my mum tried making me wear safety stuff so i laughed in her face


17 Oct 2004 19:45
hmmmm maybe we should try the SKATEBOARDING section :roll:


18 Oct 2004 02:41
[SIZE=3]yo i does not hurt when u get get a fractured arm, actualy im looking foward to to fracturing it again, beacause im not afraid of pain anymore of wiping out... gtg [/SIZE] [SIZE=7]PEACE[/SIZE]  

28 Aug 2005 05:12

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