badass day of ridin

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man i rode to the skatepark today with some buddies, like 5 of them. then there were only two skaters at the park and they slowly left. then it ended up being 11 others bikers in the park all riding. sick as riders too busting 540s and shit man it was sick no skaters either, (no offense to skaters) but it was just hella cool  

21 Oct 2004 05:30
dude thats awsome. sucks tho my local park dosnt allow bikes  

21 Oct 2004 07:59
ahhh only skater?  

23 Oct 2004 21:54
cool shit man, my town is in the process of rebuilding there skatepark, were getting a concrete clove bowl, a volcano, new quarters, a new wall ride, and a couple boxes.

and since easthamptons skaters and bmxers dont mind each other our park is bmx or skate friendly.  

01 Aug 2005 14:19
i dont get the deal with the bmx and skating discrimination? i dont care wether you do bmx or skating, just go on do what you do  

02 Aug 2005 06:41
wow this is such an old post i remember that dude emo he hasnt been on here in a long long long time  

02 Aug 2005 17:56

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