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I've been skating for 2 years and now have my first Skating video. It's the DC video and i nealy DIED when i saw Danny Way's part. He's so damn skilled man, He can skate like everything (street, vert, and big air).

what did you people think of the DC video?  

22 Oct 2004 03:32
i have that video its a great one. yea his part is truly amazing  

22 Oct 2004 08:41
when i get my pc (soon) im gunna be getting a shit load of videos off the internet... The first one i want is zero's dieing to live... i really wanna see the jamie thomas part.. :D  

22 Oct 2004 14:04
i have dying to live its pretty good but i like zeros misled youth more that is one of the best videos i have ever seen  

22 Oct 2004 15:58
what is it like is it worth bying  

22 Oct 2004 16:12
yeah, i want the "dying to live" vid too, and the "free your mind" vid  

23 Oct 2004 01:45
i would definately say misled youth is worth buying jamie thomas benihanas off a 16 stair double setits insane  

23 Oct 2004 17:30
hey just get limewire at limewire.com and you can download all the videos for free!
i have yeah right also and i think that that is also a good video however i havent seen much so what do u guys think(almost round 3 also)  

30 Jul 2005 06:15

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