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I went wakeboarding 2 days ago and well, sort of twisted my knee really badly. One binding came off and well, the other stayed, i fell board turned and so did my leg... U know more or less wut happened rite? Anyway I can't really put my weight on my leg cuz it gives way... Pulled something i guess.... So, here's my question... or questions.. I've heard tiger balm and jacuzzi is the best cure :D but anyone got any other miricle treatments? Also, I need a knee brace and can't afford/want the really expensive carbon fibre brace.. Looking for something simple i can wear for wakeboarding and going out..


29 Jan 2003 17:20
try to see an orthopedic surgeon and let him take alookat your knee... but that's what I recommend... because a knee brace won't do anything if you have a torn meniscus or a torn collateral ligament... I you have a torn ACL witch may be... yes it'll be useful but see a doctor before buying any kind of braces... I saw a couple and if you don't wanna buy something too expensive, Don joy make some afordable braces that work great...  

29 Jan 2003 17:22
I would go see a doctor about your knee. Then they can recomend a certain brace for you. I pulled / tore my MCL last year and I was in physio for 3 months. If you pulled something I don't think that you are going to find a miracle cure. But one thing I know is that they do make injury specific braces. Like with me I have an MCL brace which was under $100 canadian.

One thing that I learnt from all this is not to mess around with joint injuries. Go see a doctor. You don't want a re-occuring injury!

Good Luck  

29 Jan 2003 17:22
Yeah, I agree. Go to the Doc so he can make sure something isn't seriously wrong. If it hurts when you walk, try putting an ice pack on it for fifteen minutes and then wait like five and then put it back on. My knee was sore from something a few weeks ago and I put ice on it and it seemed to work. But it might be different because you may have pulled something.  

29 Jan 2003 17:23
You definitely should consider seeing a doctor, for your own peace of mind if nothing else. Proper medical care will fix your knee if there's a problem, of that you can be sure. In the future, you should consider being a rebel against the establishment and the "you won't be cool if you do that crowd" and wakeboard with not only a helmet and life jacket but also with braces on each knee. There's nothing "cool" about concussions or ACL surgery.


29 Jan 2003 17:26
hello we have a doctor in the house wakemeup this is nutter from the skateboarding forum thought id check out the most pointless sport ever :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :P :P :( :( :!:  

18 Mar 2004 13:44

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