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Hey, this is my site, still in development, but I am pretty happy with it thus far. If you are a 56k user I am sorry but the html site is not done yet, just stick in there it should load within 5-7 seconds.

Site details:
You can signup for an account, upload pics and footy. Then other members rate them. Starting in 1 1/2 months we will be having online competitions, with prizes for those in 1-10th place. I have put alot of effort, time and loving energy into this, so if you got comments and/or beefs, don't be scared to say "your site sucks" even tho it doesn't

ps: the forums aren't up, and the design of the forum isn't done.

peace out


ps I didn't just come here to advertise, but since I am here might as well  

27 Oct 2004 06:17

24 Nov 2004 16:12

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