Post ur best trick/s, dont lie thats like not cool.

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Mine are nollie heels or trey flips of stuff. wait, can we swear?  

31 Oct 2004 00:55
360 flip for me  

31 Oct 2004 16:37
ollie! :wink:  

04 Nov 2004 14:50
nm, i just learned how to nollie half-cab flip  

05 Nov 2004 02:43
half cabs on stairs look really cool iono y they just do  

05 Nov 2004 04:52
I can do impossibles and pressure flips. I still cant do a tre flip though :( .  

08 Nov 2004 04:57
hey whats the hell's a trey flip?  

12 Nov 2004 04:02
tery flip is a 360 flip ur board does a 360 shuvit and a kickflip at the same time  

12 Nov 2004 08:59
Ok now my best trick is almost a pop shove it; I can land it with 1 foot right now. I'm gettin better though. :)  

14 Nov 2004 17:53
mine is monkey jumps lmao i suck so bad bu hey it's fun 8)  

15 Nov 2004 06:51
[color=blue][/color]My trick is one that most of you never heard of. Casper looks kinda like a messed up hard flip. You kick flip....when the board gets half way around you catch it with your front foot and bring it around to grip tape side like an impossible  

18 Nov 2004 00:43
i can do those there not very hard once you get them down.  

18 Nov 2004 02:56
aw i've done those before :D  

18 Nov 2004 06:44
casper flips are easy  

18 Nov 2004 14:16
nm, I can nollie trey, switch varial heel, kickflip bs 5-0, heel noseslide, kickflip an 8.... by the way, casper flips are gay, they are easy and if thats ur best trick then u suk. just learn how to friggin hardflip. its not that hard.  

23 Nov 2004 07:00
yup i agree i suck ! 8) i love it i'm a girl that sucks with no concrete to skate on :cry: at least i can do that :D  

23 Nov 2004 07:25
Mines a 180 pop shove it 8) i suck but at least i can admit it :!: does any1 live near bognor regis :?:  

23 Nov 2004 16:46
i'm not that good but i landed a variel kickflip once.
the thing is i dont know if i did two kicklips in it or one because i flip my kicklips so fast thats why i can't land alot of tricks  

30 Jul 2005 06:24
i got so close to a bs flip today  

03 Aug 2005 02:06
i used to be almost able to bs flip but i stopped skating  

03 Aug 2005 17:25
and did bmx, yep, bmx takes alot more time to learn  

04 Aug 2005 07:43
Well, to be honest... my best "combo" would be a 180 kickflip off a ledge (only about 2 feet) onto a down slope rail in a 5-O grind to an Ollie Kickflip. I have only landed that three times in a 5 month period... but I'm trying to get it down constantly. I get closer every day.... Keep at it...  

06 Aug 2005 04:39

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