After 17 years, I need a bmx again!

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Hey...I'm looking to get a bmx and start riding again...Only I'm 28 years old and have not touched a bmx for about 17 years!!!

To make a long story short, I lost a bet so I got to learn to ride again (It's all for a good cause though!), So I guess what I'm asking is what size frame would I need to get to not look too ridiculous?

I live in England and I guess my budget for the whole bike would be about £150.00 ($280.00 US) or maybe a little more for something in a chrome finish....I may not have rode for a long time but back when I was a kid I would have burned in hell for a chrome frame!!

Anyway...When youre all done laughing, I hope someone can help me advice wise....I'll carry on posting how I'm getting on for laughs!  

04 Nov 2004 04:57
i would go with a 21" frame. or anything above because im not sure how big you are. but uhm...what kinda riding you looking to do? street, dirt, vert, park? for street/park i would go with specialized, dirt i'd say a redline, the other one im not sure, heh but specialized goes good for everything if u get the right one. check out [url][/url]  

05 Nov 2004 06:17
Thanks for the reply!

I dont even know the names of most of the tricks you guys can pull!

Real basic stuff I'll need to learn like bunny hops and barspins etc...some jumps and grinds.

If I find that I have any aptitude for it then I guess I'll try and learn some more advanced stuff, but for the purpose of the event (a work charity thing) I dont need to be too extreme....

I feel quite luck actually...We all drew our sport from a hat....The guy who drew skateboarding is 35 and about 230 pounds in weight!!!  

05 Nov 2004 16:15

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