i'm going to go nuts.....

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my mom took away my lap top....
i have no contact with people :?  

22 Nov 2004 21:12
that sucks so much!  

23 Nov 2004 03:58
yeah she said that i won't every to be able to have aim again... and she's like use that phone but now she just sits there and listens to me and watches me i'm going to freaking get really mad one day and probly like stab her with a butter nife lol :lol: at least i'll be on here more  

23 Nov 2004 04:02
thats a shame coz im gettin my new pc in december  

24 Nov 2004 14:11
hehehe :twisted: i found that i can use aim express  

24 Nov 2004 16:46
:shock: WHAT?!?! SHe took your lp top?!?! What a shame! :cry:  

25 Nov 2004 01:25
yeah i don't do school or chores :x  

25 Nov 2004 03:04
what about when your 16 you goin to college  

25 Nov 2004 15:41
people go 2 colledge when ur 16 in england??? crazy  

25 Nov 2004 19:07
haha crazy yes... but i think i will be going to JR college maybe even when i'm 15 cause when your homeschooled you can go as young as 14 i'm just a lazy ass so yeah lol i didn't yet :lol:  

25 Nov 2004 19:45

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