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i need to no how to get air turn around and come back down on a half pipe

will really apriciate any tips :D  

23 Nov 2004 19:14
The way i leared is by going up the quarterpipe and juping and doing a 180 without going over the coping. once you get good, just go realy fast and do the same thing, but jump at the top of the quarter pipe.


very useful  

05 Nov 2005 00:53
this is wat i tot new comers though

1. skate in a straight line
2. learn to 180 on street
3. learn to skate on the vert in a straightline at least until half point where the curves are perfected
4. practise the 180 back and forth

the key to this is that
not turning too much
not turning too lil
start to spin when u're lifting off <-- for a short jump only
btw 180's are also the key to pumping urself up
oh yea keep ur knees bend when u land if its straight u'll most probably fall since u're not used to it yet.

well thats all there is to it  

11 Nov 2005 19:50

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