should i get a new bike or move up

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ive only been racing n started gettin into this type of bmx since the end of aug n my local track has been closed since oct n doesnt start til may which im bummed out about so my parents told me that i could get a new bike.... right now i owe a redline proline pro that has a 44.........should i keep that bike n keep racing with that 1 or is there a better bike out there 4 a beginner on my skill level im a novice ofc n i just started jumpin this weekend but w/ my haro backtrail x0 so im not that good at it im never won a race ive come in 3rd but most of those times was cuz it was out of total pts.......should i stick w/ the bike i have n get a 45 or get a new 1???????? i was thinkin of a specialized hemi pro cuz i love how it rides but someone told me i should stick w/ racing my redline n get more comfortable on that bike b4 i get a new 1  

24 Nov 2004 22:58
hey whats up,

its nice to see girls coming into the scene for a change. id suggest to keep racing, its really helps develope your skills and keeps you inshape. as to getting a new bike, if you have that haro backtrail why not just buy some parts for it and ride that instead of cashing out on a new ride.

have fun and ride your life away  

01 Aug 2005 14:13

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