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I'm hoping someone can help me. Before I found this website, I bought some really cheap inline skates at Target. They cost $17 on sale. I've had them for almost 6 months now, and don't skate as much as I'd like to. They are quite uncomfortable after wearing them for a few minutes in the footbed area. I can feel the bar under the sole wedging into my foot. Since I can't buy any really good skates at the moment, does anyone think a gel sole insert would help? Also, the wheels don't all spin at the same speed or at the same time, especially the front wheel. Would rotating the wheels help? Or am I just stuck? Am I not leaning forward enough? --Admittedly lessons would help... I'd still like to get some use out of what I've got in the meantime.

Thanks, Michele  

29 Jan 2003 20:34
phew! Hopefully you will be able to purchase some quality skates in the near future! In the mean time, an insert would help somewhat with your foot pain. The gel type tend to be somewhat thin, and don't provide a lot of padding. I recently found a new Dr. Sholl product, a half length insert that has a relatively thick and very soft padding through the heel down to about mid foot. You may also consider a few more dollars and buy a set of Superfeet. Most sports stores carry them and they would be better than the gel pads.

Wheel spin. On most skates in that price range, there really isn't much you can do. It's almost impossible to get a decent roll out of them, and even trying to upgrade the wheels and bearings would not be cost effective given the quality of the boot.

Sorry I can't offer much help, but save your money, and then go to a good local skate shop and purchase a quality skate. Your feet will thank you, and your skating will improve tremendously overnight!  

29 Jan 2003 20:36
It's like trying to get a car worth $50 to run right. Focus on saving up for a better pair of skates. You might try and see if there are any stores that sell used equipment Like Play it again Sports ,where you can try on the skates and see if they fit, and buy a pair of used skates. Less than around $150 isn't going to buy you are decent pair of new skates. Used would save you a lot of money as long as they were decent skates and Fit you correctly. The most important thing is the fit.  

29 Jan 2003 20:37
I agree with what SKATEINLIN1 said regarging buying some good skates when you can afford them. If you are stuck with these skates for a while then you can look around and see if you can find a deal on wheels and bearings. In California we have a chain of sporting goods stores called Big 5 sporting goods, they periodically have sales on combination packs of wheels and bearings for $29 (for all eight). You might look for something like this in the area you live or maybe on the internet. In the meantime you can rotate the wheels you have when they start wearing out too much on one side, it won't help them spin any better but it will make them wear a little longer.  

29 Jan 2003 20:38
Thanks for the review. Perhaps I can at least be the poster child for not buying the really cheap skates. I really appreciate your advices. I found a site they recommend something in the $200 range for a good ride. Is this correct? Also, do you have a favorite brand of skate? My nephew got some great K2's for Christmas and they look like they ride great, super wheel spin and all the rest. So, since my Cory was really good in the $50 range , and now seems great on his new K2 inline skates (looks like he's got the flow of a speed skater in his stride) --that's where I'm leaning at the moment. I don't want to get them online due to fitting issues, but there is a ski & sport shop close that has a pro shop for inline skates that I'm looking toward visiting. You've made a believer out of me for a nice ride = higher price. The weather is sooo good here most of the year, I'm definitely going to start saving my pennies to not be hobbling around the block. I'd love to skate like a Waynona Gretzky :twisted:  

29 Jan 2003 20:42
is there any good sites with good inline skates if so i need to know :cry:  

15 Feb 2003 15:25
You can usually find Razors Soul3k models for about 100 bucks these days, or the 2k's for about 70-80 bucks.
And RollerWarehouse throws in some freebies...check it out.  

25 Feb 2003 20:11
Skate and bmx
yeah so i bought these skates at k mart for 50 bucks, is that ok? they are not uncomfterble.  

21 Sep 2003 01:41
When i was buying my new skates about a year ago i went to a place called "Sun and Ski Sports". The person at the skate center gave me a lot of advice, first, K2s are a brand that wear out and the parts aren't as reliable, and you dont get as much speed. Also, the best begginer brand is a Genisis, ive had my beggining ones for 2 years and they still worked just as good as ever, but my new Genisis Intermediate Vert Blades work great too. Genisis are the best begginer brand because the skates are more foregiving. i got my begginer skates for $200, the guy their said that it is a good begginer price range for skates that will last the longest.
My vert skates are $300, but thats the normal price for intermediate skates.

I hope my tips have helped you in some way or form lol, just make sure you dont buy K2 and lean toward GENISIS instead  

21 Dec 2003 12:20
I agree you get what you pay for but in some cases you get too much, I have purchased $300 and $400 dollar skates but all those bells and whistles make the skate so heavy and bulky. I think the most important aspect of a skate is the comfort, the wheels and bearings and the durability. My preferred skate boot is an all plastic cheap cheap rollerblade spiritblade or of the like, I just change out the wheels and bearings (these cost twice the price of the skate) especially if your doing jumps and spins you really need a durable boot with no extra stuff on it (laces extra buckles ect) Also I have found that a soft boot just shreds to pieces.  

22 Dec 2003 16:46
[url]http://www.SS20.com[/url] is a good place to buy skates and u can go on their ebbay page ~~ really good deals there like normally 200 quid skates for a quid (if no 1 else puts a bid in, that is...) check it out they should have a new range in there by now...  

09 Jan 2004 19:36
DiE :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :x  

12 Jan 2004 21:40
u bought sum cheap skate cause u r a POOR soad  

14 Jan 2004 04:36
An insert might help but Id save up your $ to get some real skates that are made for aggressive skating. My first pair was some K2s at MC Sports for like $85 and they still in good contition. Seriously I wouldnt skate in the skates you bought at Target cuz they really dont know what there doing when it comes to skates so its pretty unsafe.  

21 Feb 2004 23:28
ur a bit stupid arnt you Michele
you could have bought beter ones at argos...he he
i have never met or herd of a person who spends $17 on a pair of skates and epects them to be decent.......
my advice is chuck um.....gently....and invest in a pair of nice skates
im not by alll means syaing that cost makes quality but spending a bit of cash does make a difference - but dont by the most expansive pair you can find lol they are mostly made for advanced skaters.
WAIT!! dont chuck em - you can sell them on ebay and u'd probly get 20 bucks for them lol there has to e another person out there who would by them !!!
El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 23:36

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