plz help me learn how to jump

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i just started jumping exactly 4 days ago yea i fell flat on my face to but thats ok to many people were telling me 2 many different things since im not jumping n dont have people yelling at me how to jump can i have u guys help me learn how to jump??????????? just explain in lots of detail so when i go out n try n jump i can jump ..........plz help thanx  

24 Nov 2004 23:36
do u mean go off ramps or bunny hop?  

25 Nov 2004 02:51
i meant getting off a ramp but now that i think of it how do u bunny hop  

26 Nov 2004 01:09
to get off a ramp just ride up 2 it with a nice amount of speed, however u feel comfortable. then when you get to the end of ur ramp just lift up ur front like ur doing a small manual and u just go off it. look back alittle im oretty sute there are some post about bunny hops  

26 Nov 2004 22:18
ok first of all if you plan on just jumping and not doing any tricks do what he said and just basicly manual off the jump.
but if you plan on doing any tricks youll have to learn how to j-hop its liek the same thing as a bunny hop except a bunny hope is just straight up while with a j-hop your front wheel goes up then you jump and level the wheels out in the air. when you can do a j-hop like 1 ft+ then try doing them off your jump you usually want to start the j-hop in the middle of the jump so when your back tire hits the end of the jump its just starting to rise for the j-hop. once your comffratable with your landing you can try small treicks like little 1 handers where you just release 1 hand froom the bar and raise it like an inch from the bar. and like veerything else practise.  

08 Aug 2005 00:09
a j-hop isnt a real trick, theres 2 different ways to bunny hop. id say if you want to start jumping build some smal dirt jump doubles, you said you race so youll prolly learn real easy, just start small and build your way up. if you build the lip with a bit of a transition you wont have to pull up it will all just flow.  

08 Aug 2005 19:48

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