Its been a few months but Jeff Sparks is back on extreme bros

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ill post up to date pictures of my bike soon, Friday i got some new parts for it but when i was breaking them in at the local trails i got worked pretty hard. So ill let you guys/girls know how the parts are after i am better and actually get more time on my bike with them.

the parts i got were a new front wheel, SunRace 48 spoke low-flange sealed hub laced to a odyssey hazard light, just running 14 gauge spokes and a pattern of one black one chrome nipple. i got a gold diatech hombre 990. a new odyssey slic cable. and the new S&M hot seat, a fuckin bad ass seat.

the only problem ive had is with the brakes, the nut loosened up on my brakepad and later fell off.

keep on riding bros, if you need any advice or tips feel free to ask  

01 Aug 2005 13:42
im gonna start workin on some new tricks either during the rest fo summer and into fall or next summer as my new medals had extra long spikes on them so when i was beign stupid my foot slipped off the pedals and my shin got all ripped up and i wasnt aloud biking or walking. =( so anyways for learning new crap should i build a table top dirt jump or a smaller one with a gap? cause i dont wanna get in any habits like landing short and caeing the table top and then going to a jump with a nice gap and landing really short and messing up my new bike.  

08 Aug 2005 00:14
table tops are the best for learning new tricks man, that is if you cant afford a foam pit. also to save your shins you should invest in some shinguards theyll save you from pins in yo shins. start building a small rythm section too so you can get your flow going, like 3 foot doubles with a 5 foot gaps, youll be good with 3 jumps in a rythm.take it easy bro. and good luck  

08 Aug 2005 19:37
or, go to woodward, like me  

08 Aug 2005 22:36
not everyone lives in pennsylvania bro, or has the money nor time to go to woodward camp. anyways i have been to a lot more trails and skateparks that are more fun than woodward. ive never been to woodward though just seen it in videos, and some invatation dvd they sent me.  

08 Aug 2005 23:00
who said i live in pa?  

09 Aug 2005 06:33
then how exactly do you go out and ride woodward, quite a far drive if you dont live in PA?  

09 Aug 2005 15:34
i signed up for two weeks at the camp this summer, and my parents drove me, how else?  

10 Aug 2005 07:06
theres also a woodward west to of my buddies are there now  

10 Aug 2005 07:32
there are so many sick skateparks and trails in western MA. if you guys ever get a chance you should check some out.theres a lot of pro riders out of western MA and a lot out of my hometown easthampton MA. my friend weasel for instance, he is in props 3. the bmx scene is really gnarly out here  

10 Aug 2005 09:10
how big are the jumps?  

10 Aug 2005 22:14
the orchirds have 3 rythm sections, the left is a series of 5 kickers about 5 and a half feet tall with 10 foot gaps. the middle is a warm up section with 3 small jumps about 3 feet tall with 5 foot gaps. the section to the right is a series of 3 six packs with about 20 foot gaps and has 2 different runs, the first you can transfer a hip to the middle section or just keep going straight for the other 2 six packs, the other is just a smooth flow through the section you need a lot of speed but theres plenty of room for it.

my trails have transfers in and out its 2 different rythm sections both containing jumps of different sizes. i also have a lip to a wall ride to a landing, a hip, and a table top.

our new local skatepark is getting a clove bowl, a volcanoe, box jumps more quarters...we have a funbox, wall ride, pyramid, a vertical quarter and 2 4 foot quarters. all concrete.

plus there is so much street riding out here, its ridiculious.  

20 Aug 2005 01:28
Skratch Kid
I wish I lived in MA, seattle WA has no BMXing that I'm aware of. I guess I'm just a pioneer out here in the Great NorthWEst  

24 Aug 2005 11:36
seatle washington is a city? there has to be some street to ride you just gotta look bro. look for grass hips, gaps, stair sets, hand rails, banks, banks to fences, hills to gap, ledges. theres always something somewhere  

28 Aug 2005 04:33

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