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i noticed the submit an article or review links whne i came to this site, so i thought, last year until the site was hacked, i saw the same ramsdell got arrested not too long ago FOR MONTHS, and its still there...i wont stand for it, i will submit an article and a review eberyweek, and if 2guns decides to embrace someone doing all the work for him and actually make this an active site, maybe more people use something other then the forums. every sunday i will submit something new so youre not looking at the same old rubbish.

you're welcome 2guns and please, use what I give you to make this a REAL extreme sports site  

02 Aug 2005 06:47
o sweet dude thats a good idea  

02 Aug 2005 17:54
maybe you could help, ill cover all the skating stories and you do all the bmx news and stuff  

03 Aug 2005 02:01
yea sure ill try and help  

03 Aug 2005 17:23
sounds good, thanks  

03 Aug 2005 22:33

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