X Games 11, They're Here

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im having a sweet 3 day viewing party with two other friends and maybe 3, need the schedule? i got it

Thursday august 4, 9pm-11pm: bmx freestyle Vert finals, and moto x best trick
Friday august 5, 9pm-11pm: Skateboard vert finals, and moto x step up
Saturday august 6, 1pm-3pm: Skateboards street finals and all the water stuff
same day from three to 3pm-11pm: bmx park finals surfing, bmx freestyle dirt finals
Sunday August 7, 3pm-6pm (on abc not ESPN!!): continuation of bmx dirt finals and super moto

sorry such short notice i found out they werre happening tommorow today but whatever, enjoy what i do for you  

04 Aug 2005 07:51
im prolly gonna go again

last year ut was so fun  

04 Aug 2005 08:46
all times are eastern...i forgot to tell you

they let you in free?  

04 Aug 2005 22:22
free? nno its like 10 or something

but u get loads of free stuff  

05 Aug 2005 04:10
JAMIE BESTWICK WON BMX VERT.......i dont care what say about dave mirra dropping out dave was going to lose to jamie anyway

do you know when the big air is on? i didnt see it on the schedule  

05 Aug 2005 09:03

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