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man ive bin waying so long for a skatepark i found one thats only like 10 mins. from my house bad thing is that it coast 10 dollars for a all day pass thats a little price but them agian its indoors and theres AC in it!!!  

06 Aug 2005 05:33
does this happen to be in baltimore? sounds alot like my favorite park

10 bucks, indoor, ac in the shop...  

06 Aug 2005 08:20
10 pricey? thats what everything out here is if more  

06 Aug 2005 17:25
no its in PA moontown ship go to [url][/url] check it out  

07 Aug 2005 05:10
that looks badass, i wish my skatepark was like that!!  

10 Aug 2005 01:02
youre complaining about having a park that great being ten bucks? you dumbass, thats a great price  

10 Aug 2005 07:09

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