I need helping finding a new deck!

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Anyone got suggestions?

PS-My decks a Element,3or4 years old,customized  

08 Aug 2005 00:19
the best board i ever had is the one i got now

seek "when pigs fly" deck, 7.5 inch destructos in silver, 56mill habitat fred gall wheels (theyre see through and look real cool when wet, almost golden), element swiss bearings, hardware and riser apds who the hell cares.

if you cant find seek get an alien workshop, theyre the same company  

08 Aug 2005 07:45
What site was your delivery in?  

09 Aug 2005 04:06
i got it from charm city skatepark

but the site i use is blackholeboards.com, but i get clothes from ccs.com the sites good for different things  

09 Aug 2005 06:29
i no ccs but they got high prices,good boards.hard to pick

im thinking about trying the Bam-HauntedDeck  

09 Aug 2005 11:17
god, i hate element decks but skate what you want....  

10 Aug 2005 07:11

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