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jamie bestwick won best trick in bmx by doing a double tailwhip backflip, well this is the cool part,i saw him practicing that trick at woodward into the foam pit off of the half pipe, cool eh?

also, i submited my article today, i didnt forget, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT, it took me soooo long to type it, itd better be added  

08 Aug 2005 08:10
you were at woodward the same time he was practicing? WOW thats like...wow  

17 Aug 2005 02:59
he spends the summer there, he leaves for comps and rubbish, and he also had to leave for four days cause his kids were born, he had twins...well his wife had twins, he helped  

17 Aug 2005 22:34
lol, he helped, lol. cool tho  

19 Aug 2005 01:21
i also met anthony furlong, mike fraizer and kevin robinson(you know, the guy that kept trying a double flair for two x games in a row?)  

19 Aug 2005 22:12
i know who kevin robinson is but not the other 2 dudes =  

19 Aug 2005 23:57
kevin robinson is fatter in person....anthony claims to be skating vert for 17 years but he sucks...mike sucks too ever since his knee injury

anthony is affiliated with the skatepark of tampa, you can search him on thier site  

20 Aug 2005 07:23

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