trick tips on agressive inline skating

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:evil: :twisted: hey i hav been skating for about a yr now and i hav learned a few basic tricks. i can 180 and 360 of the top of a picnic table and i can japan air off one as well. but i am lookin some more tricks to learn so if use hav any suggestions plz tell me what trick it is and how to do it. plz plz help me outhere. you can also get me at [email][/email]. THANKS AND PLZ PLZ HELP ME  

31 Jan 2003 20:49
hey if you would like trick tips or new trick email me at [email][/email] ... i have been skating over a year and can 540, 360, 180 and almost invert 180 over a spine i can grind but i need help for new grinds...  

02 Jan 2004 08:28
cool..540 a vert?  

09 Jan 2004 19:27
Yes it is a 540 upside down  

10 Jan 2004 02:23
i know what a 540 is, i meant if you did it on a vert or off a ledge or whateva  

11 Jan 2004 18:05
Vert and transer over a fun box  

13 Jan 2004 14:50
or jump lol  

14 Jan 2004 04:29
what about grinds my fav is acid mizou and i can nearly do it on a metal park bench  

05 Apr 2004 18:40
man i wish yall could help me.i have been skatin 2 weeks and cna jump over a foot and grab my feet and can help me...  

14 Apr 2004 20:19

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