i bent my barz today

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well, i didnt bend my barz, but like there crooked now soo i dont no what to do or how to fix them. thanks :mad: :-? :???:  

09 Aug 2005 09:29
by new bars bro, if you bend metal back to its origanal state its a lot weaker.  

09 Aug 2005 15:35
no, i didnt bend my barz, like my whole front is bent like my neck or what ever...  

09 Aug 2005 19:50
ooooh....thats an easy fix man, loosen the 2 allen wrench bolts that are on the side behind the forks. just move it straight and tighten the bolts. make sure your headset cap is a little tight so your headset doesnt loosen up. after you tighten the bolts on the stem back up loosen the headset cap bolt. you might want to invest in some loc-tite to put on your hardware, it will prevent your parts from coming loose.  

10 Aug 2005 09:02

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