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i fu(king hate skaters, not all of them, but the a-holes that wont let u ride at the skate park. what do u guys do when them bitches tell you " no bike in the park"...  

09 Aug 2005 09:49
ive never had that problem, skaters will usually do that if your not good on a bike, you have to impress them or they have no respect for you. so next time you go to your local park and they tell you to get out just go out and session it once and leave, go street ride or find some trails. but keep going back theyll get used to you after a while.  

09 Aug 2005 15:39
alright, ill try that. but when my buddie bubba goes he will chalange them to skate its hella funny than they have to lets us ride.  

09 Aug 2005 20:06
well i do bmx and i skateboard so if they tell me no i just skateboard untill they leave  

09 Aug 2005 23:32
pretend to be deaf, i did that a couple times at "bmx only" time at skateparks when i wanted to skate, they just ignored me  

10 Aug 2005 07:04

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