My BMX ride a few months back

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dont you guys wish you had a profile cassette hub like me

im taking new pictures tonight my bike is different now.  

09 Aug 2005 15:45
what kind of riding do you do you dont even have a gyro ?  

14 Aug 2005 01:55
LittleDevilBmx3 dont know much about bmx if you think you have to have a gryo to ride. Alot of pro's dont run gyro's. They are just extra weight..and you can still do barspins and tailwhips and other tricks with a straight cable. I personally stopped running a gryo a few years ago. I usually run a straigth cable..but at the moment im brakeless. Oh, by the way, Nice bike.  

14 Aug 2005 07:43
thanks man i love my bike. and i ride dirt and street and im starting to ride a little park because my town is getting a new skatepark. ive never run a gyro on any of my bikes, they take away brake tunability and i just think they feel sloppy. im running a red slic cable now, you cant cut them so its pretty long but atleast i can throw barspins and tailwhips with no problem.

little devil you ride ecd? ive wanted to go there for so long, ever since i saw jeff harington shred it up in a video. i forget the video though?.  

20 Aug 2005 01:03
Nah man..I just like the company, lol. Im not that good.  

20 Aug 2005 06:43
ohhh, thats to bad man. what can you do on a bike?  

20 Aug 2005 17:26
lovin the baby pink bars and forks  

19 Sep 2005 15:34
thats a nice bike. havnt seen the s&m trail frame in a few years. love the lhd cassete, sept i like my odyssey one better then profile's. i bought persey ownes old one and i broke it. lol. the slic cables arent that great for freestyle, i ride the odyssey linear cable and it is awsome, no matter how much i spin the bars, the breaks dont lock.  

24 Oct 2005 08:29
i like the color of ur bike
im thinkin about paintin mine the same color except a darker pink  

03 Nov 2005 05:38

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