how do u launch off the wake?

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hi im really new to wakeboarding but i can already do mute grabs and switches... i was wondering how ui guys launch off the wake soo high?? i can almost clear it but not all the way... thanks for the info.  

09 Aug 2005 21:33
It's 100% to do with the cut, get some momentum going out, get out as far as you can, turn towards the wake, sit in a chair and keep progressively cutting harder until you hit the curl and then get out of the chair and hold on, you will come in slow until a few feet before the wake, then you'll speed up and go byebye  

16 Aug 2005 21:11
remember to keep the handle to your waist its amazing how much that helps.  

02 May 2006 09:10
you dont have to cut really hard just do a mild cut or however you normally cut and then once in the wake put more pressure on you back foot. simple.:)  

28 Jul 2006 22:03
so i think ive been doin it wrong because i get out as far as i can and then i turn straight into the wake and keep the edge untill i hit the wake and not clearing the wake  

28 May 2007 06:52

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