i hate this!!!!

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i was skateboarding for a about an hour then when i tried landing off a ramp(this was my 1st time) then my leg gave out and i sprand it now no skateboarding for like a week and school starts in like 15 days!!!  

09 Aug 2005 23:24
you dont have it as bad as i do do you? heres a story......

i sevrely sprained my ankle back in october last year, i couldnt walk without pain for two weeks. and since then, ive never been the same. ive sprined my ankle at least 6 times since then, it happens so easily and its the mosy annoying thing. i sprain my ankle and then i have to go home because i cant skate...what bull shit! you have it easy...

you bastard...  

10 Aug 2005 07:14

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