What is up with Sk8ers vs bikers rivalry?

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ive just always wondered if any 1 knew what got it all started  

13 Aug 2005 09:29
id assume it has to do with the parks. (i.e. bike day only, skate day only.) other then that there wouldnt be any reason for conflict.
i dont have anything against skaters seeing that pavement isnt my usual terrain.

but thats my opinion. whatever.  

13 Aug 2005 09:47
Skratch Kid
I'm a street rider, and i only have shit with dumb ass skateboarders who can't even ollie who take up the good spots of the city. I mean, if u can't skate or are just learning how to skate, stay off the best places, learn in ur backyard. A good skater has all my respect, because i tried it and i know how hard it is. other than that, i don't like ugly people, and skaters tend to be ugly.....just playin.  

24 Aug 2005 11:45
there isnt in my town we all hate chavs and roller bladers  

19 Sep 2005 15:27
ok, this is the problem. those skaters(piecese of poop) try and kick you off "there" park. but i found out all u have to do is get there respect. when they tell u to go just bust a hudge no-footer outta the qutar pipe or a nothing over the spine. now the regulars at my park dont even care. i love it when some little piece of shit comes over and is like hey get of the park and some hardcore skaters like naw hes cool. haha, and if that donmst work just be like "wtf u wanna fight"  

23 Sep 2005 05:28
do what i do...pretend to be deaf..theyll ignore you  

23 Sep 2005 13:24
the rival is that ova me park skaters get pissed off with the bmx'ers n like wise. the skaters take up all the ramps n quarter pipes just goin up n down, up n down. wen a bloke goes on to ride he'll be like tryin 180's or a nosepick. n the skaters hate it. thers loadz of them were i live.  

26 Sep 2005 20:38

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