what is the most embarsing thing youve done riding

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i hit this 6ft ramp and it was all good came down and busted my fucking balls ouch hurt for like a month lol plz replie  

14 Aug 2005 06:50
Well ive never really done anything embarrasing...but the other day I hit a small pothole just coasting along..and went straight over the bars in the road..it was really stupid haha.  

14 Aug 2005 07:41
i tried to double barspin and i couldnt get a hold of the bars after the double, i was juggling them around i felt like a retard so i landed with bars sideays and went over em', some people call my grease hands....  

15 Aug 2005 05:46
i was outside of school and i was trying to show off so i went to go whip this metal trash can and knock it over but my back axel got stuck in the metal bar things that held the trash can up an i just fell flat on my face infront of everyone  

15 Aug 2005 19:00
one time i was riding through town and someone beeped at me...i turned my head and rode right into a stop sign...sucked.  

20 Aug 2005 00:53
LMFAO, LOL, omg that sort of happened to me. i was on my skateboard and someone yelled "WEAR A HELMET" so i turned around and and went off a curb i didn't see, i got a bubu on my elbow, but whatever  

20 Aug 2005 21:51
Skratch Kid
I was hitting up an ex-naval base near my house with my friend, when three older dudes came riding around the corner, trying to look all cool and tough shit. This one dude hit a jump but couldn't stick the landing, got mad at me cuz i laughed pretty hard. I tried to do it after he cleared the way, landed it and looked back at him, then ran into a parked car pretty hard, dented up my front tire. SUCKEd  

23 Aug 2005 03:29
yo man i didnt know you could dent tires, cause you know there all rubber and stuff  

23 Aug 2005 05:19
no, but you could dent the hub cap thing  

23 Aug 2005 06:13
there are no hubcaps on a bike  

23 Aug 2005 08:01
wait,, he dented his bike, not his car?  

23 Aug 2005 21:09
yes, lol" then ran into a parked car pretty hard, dented up [B]my[/B] front tire. SUCKEd  

23 Aug 2005 22:17
i think he means his rim but that is just my opinion  

24 Aug 2005 00:35
i thought he meant he ran into his own car, but i guess ure right  

24 Aug 2005 05:52
Skratch Kid
dented the metal rim a little, slightly bent now  

24 Aug 2005 10:26
Skratch Kid
twisted the metal rim a little, slightly bent now  

24 Aug 2005 10:26
Skratch Kid
i didn't dent it, i don't know what i was thinking when i wrote that, i twisted the rim of my front tire, hit the car at an angle  

24 Aug 2005 10:27
sucks for u but every1 learn a valuble lesson dont hit parked cars lmao  

25 Aug 2005 10:15
[QUOTE=Skratch Kid]i didn't dent it, i don't know what i was thinking when i wrote that, i twisted the rim of my front tire, hit the car at an angle[/QUOTE]

oh, well there you go  

25 Aug 2005 21:49
Skratch Kid
[QUOTE=MartyK.O]sucks for u but every1 learn a valuble lesson dont hit parked cars lmao[/QUOTE]

You're right, it was pretty lame that I ran into a parked car. that's why its under the most embarrassing moment thread.  

26 Aug 2005 06:32
ok heres a new 1 i was riding down at a chevron they got like a platform where there is a table and what not and then it drops into the parking lot by about 3-5 inches didnt measure but i was trying a nose wheelie and tried to damn hard and went over the damn handle bars with about four ppl pumping gas and they got me on camera doing it have fun laughing at this 1  

26 Aug 2005 17:09
i was very pissed while riding my local trails and i just shagged this girl and she stole my boxers so when i jumped in a pissed state my jeans fell down so i exposed all. my mates still havnt foregoten bout it and it was bout 4 months ago  

19 Sep 2005 15:25
i was going down a dirt hill my friend yelled wait up and i turned back around the tree branch hit me in face and i flew off my bike :oops:  

07 Oct 2005 00:43
i was doing flatland barspins in front of my school and on one i only spun the bars 3/4 of the way around and i banged my nuts on the end of the grip and i flew into a car  

08 Oct 2005 22:07
funniest thing i ever did was i came off a jump, landed it and then hit a stone n flew stright ova the handle bars, n broke me coller bone n wrist and tore a muscle in me arm.  

09 Oct 2005 00:40
LOL, sucks for you though  

09 Oct 2005 03:58
i was goin up a wood ramp in the rain and slipped off my bike and fell flat on my face...... my nose was nearly broken and i had bliood all down my front.................... it looked really cool  

09 Oct 2005 23:46
that is my number one concern when i try nollie stuff on pipes, leaning too far foward and hitting my face. never happened but im scared it will  

13 Oct 2005 03:00
I was coming across a bridge and there was a family of 9 or so coming the opposite direction. I moved over as far as I could to the right to let them pass and I got to close to the railing and caught my handle bar in it. The bars turned and I went over the handle bars right in the middle of them all.  

18 Oct 2005 06:49
did you say something like, "DID YOU ENJOY YOUR TRAIL SPACE??!!?"  

18 Oct 2005 23:40
no but their daughter was busted so I just got up laughing 8)  

19 Oct 2005 00:08
awwwwwwww, i always laugh when i fall cause of stupid stuff, but i dont when i get hurt bad  

22 Oct 2005 14:08
The most emberrasing thing i have done. A backflip into a pine tree while having a cast on. Always wear a helmet!  

23 Oct 2005 02:02
i was tring to do kickflip on my bike at the skate park and almost busted my head open and i had to go to the hospital. sucked  

23 Oct 2005 20:08
I dont care on how old this thread is im still posting on it.....
Ok the most emmbarrising thing ive ever done on bike was ride in my bike path with my freinds and there is a path that you have to jump over to get to the other side and i forgot the jump was there and i was going to slow and i kinda fell 10ft into a river of shit.(by the way there was about 10 hot girls watching me) Then the pegs landed on my balls and Holy shit that hurt!Now there still teasing me and its been about a year from the "accident"....  

18 Jul 2006 23:47
this thread is so old, whyd you bring it up  

19 Jul 2006 00:00
ok i was on my board there was like 4 hot girls behind me watching i was showing off so i go up the ramp do a 360 flip and land on the nose and slid down the ramp and they laughed at me made fun of me so i yelled"dont worry i will fuck you some day!!!"  

19 Jul 2006 01:16
thats not very embarrassing.

and somebody yelled at me i should wear a helmet and honked one time. it scared me and i fell foward off the board. not real embarrassing though  

19 Jul 2006 22:51
i was doin a manual and the bike looped out so i jumped off and started running i jumped onto the peg with one foot and grabbed the bars with one hand (i dont know why). Anyway my wheel turned and i went down. split my chin and got some road rash. i had to shave my chin just to see it. also it wouldnt stop bleeding. DONT DRINK AND RIDE  

28 Aug 2006 21:50
not really embarassing  

28 Aug 2006 23:12
way back when i was in high school this happened. 2000 i think
there was this root under the sidewalk that made a jump. i jumped it on my way to and from school. one day i 180d it and stuck the landind but i had alot in my backpack and it kept going and pulled me over into the street. it didnt hurt and the cars were all stopped, but it was embarissing because it was right after school and everyone was drivimg by and walking around, alot of people saw that. that was when i had a haro zippo.
good times. or how about this one, i was riding alone yesterday at the train station and i was trying to grind a ledge and jump over it instead of off. i did it once and tried it faster and rolled my ankle again. i rolled it there 2 or 3 weeks ago too. but this time some guy saw me and tried to help but i said no. i hobbled to a bench and sat, then hobbled back to my bike. the whole time wishing i asked for help. i fell like a shithead limping around and stuff. it was my driving foot so i just coasted the whole way home and used my left foot for the break. in my truck. it was embarissing to fall infront of that guy and it was erbaresing to drive home so slow.  

29 Aug 2006 23:51
this summer i tried to superman an old shitty car off of a 6 ft jump i cleared the car got into the air with the superman but when i went to pull myself back onto the seat i slipped and smoked my balls of my tire in the air and then i landed nd my balls got burnt from the tire......;(  

06 Sep 2006 19:08
that sucks...one time on my old bike i was doing a manual on my peg(only one peg at the time) and it broke off (bending the axle) and i racked my balls on the back tire  

07 Sep 2006 01:05
lol how do u break your peg off from standing on it  

07 Sep 2006 01:10
it was one of those screw on pegs but otherwise i do not no  

07 Sep 2006 01:55
the most embarrassing thing that happened to me was when i sat on my own nuts and fainted at a party

i made that up, id lmfao is that happened to someone  

07 Sep 2006 18:09
Most emberassing so far now for me is probably being too tired to do anything and trying to j-hop manual onto a 2' sub box and coming up 3" too low with my rear tire and starting a chain of poped tires for 1 week.  

08 Sep 2006 03:12
That sucks  

08 Sep 2006 18:40
couple days ago i was like riding one tire on the street and one tire on the curb so i was like grinding (just a fun dumbass thing) and i went to faast and i spun kind and landed on my face  

09 Sep 2006 00:36
yea that sounds pretty embarassing.  

09 Sep 2006 21:00
there are hub gaurds  

10 Sep 2006 03:12
specially since i was like showing off tooo like 3 really hot girls so i just got up and i was like"hell yeah" lol  

10 Sep 2006 06:10
Why the hell does a 12 year old need to show off to girls?  

10 Sep 2006 08:22
ya do u even like girls at 12 yet  

10 Sep 2006 08:42
i dont think 12 year olds are even old enough to have pubes  

10 Sep 2006 09:10
That's what I was thinking, but seems wrong to say it.

Prepubescent bastard...lawl.  

10 Sep 2006 10:12
wtf i'm 14  

10 Sep 2006 19:29
wtf no ur not  

10 Sep 2006 20:33
Well I've only been biking for about a month, but about a week ago I was just heading out to go biking and it was raining earlier and was just starting to dry up. There's this kinda rocky pavement a little down the road that wasn't quite dry yet and when I turned it ended up being really slippery and I fell really hard in front of all the people. lol  

18 Sep 2006 07:41
lloyd a7x's(never used the full nasme before so lol) posts are at 777 lol and mine were just 1 thousand just noticed lol  

19 Sep 2006 01:08

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