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im thinking of getting a GT 2005 performer was hoping to get some feed back on the bike b4 i bought it  

16 Aug 2005 07:12
do it, get a performer  

17 Aug 2005 06:59
i wouldnt go gt should look at dk, fit, Volume,WeThePeople, or Stolen Bike Co...they all make nasty complete bikes that would kick gt's ass. if your a small rider you should really check out the volume black sheep my friend has had one for a few months and its so sick, comes with 3 pc cranks a 39 tooth sprocket and a demolition seat, grips, and tires...not to mention its only 300 bucks. the black sheeps have real small top tubes also so there easy to wheelie and manual. for the money this is a real bmx bike man you cant get much better. plus gt is a big corperate bike company that makes bikes in japan, dont you wanna support the cause and buy a bike from a RIDER OWNED company... take it easy  

20 Aug 2005 00:33
would you have a website were i could find them ?  

21 Aug 2005 04:35


21 Aug 2005 18:24
im riding a gt my friends found in a trash can..its in very nice shape and i put some parts on it(not the new parts) and it was nice for me....but if your new you should get something like what they said...  

21 Aug 2005 23:39
hey im brand new to BMX. Im 13 and hav about 300 to 400 dollars to buy a bike. i really need to know what would be a great bike for me.  

24 Aug 2005 03:33
im 14, if that makes a difference. but you should pick a bike on what style of riding, your height and you already said price is partially a factor but if your new to bmx you really shouldnt spend 3-4 hundred cuz you might end up not really like it too much and you just spent 3-4hundred on a bike you will prolly rarely use. i know that sounds prolly repetitive but its true. i rode on a bike with parts that were ready to fall off for a while but i really liked it so i got a bike that fits me( i dint buy a bike i made one from parts i got at dans) so keep those things in mind.  

25 Aug 2005 04:40
i am about 6 foot and have 2oo -300 and want a light bike. any suggestions?  

26 Aug 2005 01:44
Skratch Kid
[QUOTE=MartyK.O]im thinking of getting a GT 2005 performer was hoping to get some feed back on the bike b4 i bought it[/QUOTE]
have u gotten the GT? cuz i'm wondering how it performs...  

26 Aug 2005 06:47

thats my gt....its ok (not a performer) its an older model dont even know what...its ok and its light as hell
i need new pedals tho :  

26 Aug 2005 06:56
i was thinking of buying a fuse 2. but i can't find any dealers near my house. wats another good bike for me. same price range and im looking for a bike thats light and good for dirt and street. any help would be great.  

27 Aug 2005 20:28
yo look at your post i replied to it giving you same bike companies to check out, dont go fuse bro trust me.  

28 Aug 2005 05:28

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