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I am an inventor that has an idea for a new style of skates; but before I go and waste some valuable time and money, I wanted to know if the majority of the skaters would like to go in any direction? EX: sideways or any other angle there of.
Thank you for your input and suggestions.  

16 Aug 2005 19:45
at first i did think its a stupid idea cuz what would make it more desireable than going forward by being able to see where your going and generally having more control, but it sounds fun and a new challenge and maybe it would catch on. go for it!  

09 Mar 2006 15:30
that would be pretty weird, but id try it it sounds kinda kool lol, going in any direction would be pretty sweet, i say go for it too lol  

09 Mar 2006 23:44
pfffff, this guy....thats not going to work  

10 Mar 2006 16:38

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