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I got a fucking target board whats the best board you can get with $150?  

18 Aug 2005 18:15
it's all in my signature and profile picture. my favorite combination is alien workshop board, with destructo trucks and habiatat wheels. some good bearings are speed demons with clear shields, speed metal abec 7, element swiss or bones swiss. any of those are good bearings

[url][/url] has a huge selection os aliens and they have good prices too, around 130 for a real good boards...while on it's 155 for the same board...  

18 Aug 2005 23:43
i personally like zero or element for the deck and ventures or thunders for trucks.  

19 Aug 2005 01:25
aren't thunders all heavy and shit? how good are the black widow bearings zero makes?  

19 Aug 2005 22:09

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