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Custom bike for sale it has a haro backtrail x3 frame alex triple wall rims 1 dirt digger tire and 1 animal team tire primo powerbite oddysey clizencki pedals withe extra pegs for pedals haro slim bars no brakes fusion stem primo grips haro landing strip seat macniel chain guard sprocket kmc street chain oddysey j peg and 2 haro spyder pegs . good condition but no brake i ride brakeless some spokes are loose and thats about it really light looking for about 250$ to 200$ if youre interested email me at [email][/email] or im me. will throw in extra shit like stock sprockets extra grips primo magnesium pedals and 2 extra haro cranks and also extra chain and little odds and ends  

19 Aug 2005 23:21

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